Exitium Productions is now closed, hopefully for no longer than a year. We will have no time to run this label during this year and especially to manage distribution and as such have decided that closing it during this time is the best option.

The next upcoming releases will include:

AUROCH - Taman Shud MC (Death Metal) ltd 120
VOSTOK/WRAITHS - split MC (Atmospheric Black metal/Power Electronics) ltd 100
NEMA - Follow The Call of the Wolves (complete discography) MC (Atmospheric Black Metal) ltd 200

We will re-open Exitium once circumstances have changed and are able to decide how much time we can put back into this label.

Thank you to all whom have supported this label and bands involved.
We will return in time...

Adustum - Searing Fires and Lucid Visions MC

Now available:

Cost: £3.50 + p&p
Email: exitiumprods[at] to order